Rev. Joseph R. Castillo D.D. was born again during his drug rehabilitation program on February 21st, 1996. After a year and a half in his new life, he was called to the ministry in the fall of 1997 at Living Word Christian Center (Dr. Bill Winston's Church in Forest Park, Illinois). At Living Word Christian Center he served in the helps ministry until 2002, when God called him to Ohio Christian University (run by Dr. Rod Parsley) in Columbus, Ohio. Dr. William Winston sponsored the young Castillo, who graduated from Valor College, Magna Cum Laude in Cross-Cultural Ministries. He was ordained on July 16th, 2005 by Dr. Rod Parsley. From 2005 to 2013 he served as assistant pastor in Delaware, Chicago, Montreal, and Beijing, China. He was married during that time, in 2010, and became senior pastor of Beijing’s All Nations International Fellowship in July of 2013.

He has ministered in over 17 nations, seeing miracles, healings, salvation and corporate outpourings of Holy Spirit in signs, wonders, and manifestations. In 2016 Dr. Castillo began hosting his own Healing & Miracle Crusades around Asia. In 2017 his ministry blossomed to knew levels. Dr. Frank Lester Sumrall (the oldest son of Dr. Lester Frank Sumrall founder of LeSea and Feed the Hungry), placed him in the office of Apostle. On October 27 of the same year, he received his Doctor in Divinity and Attestation to the Bishopric by CICA University and Seminary in Canada. In 2019 Bishop Castillo moved his ordination under the spiritual covering of Bishop Chito Sanchez's River of God church. As of July of 2019, Bishop Castillo received the title of Distinguished Fellow with GILPP (Global Institute for Leadership in Public Policy), a program run by Global Hope Network International (GHNI), which is an NGO under the United Nations' UNITAR.
Bishop Castillo is a minister and Statesman to Ambassadors worldwide and has ministered in over 20 embassies in Washington, DC, Beijing, China and Geneva, Switzerland. During this time, using his newfound platform on the global stage Dr. Castillo has led and is leading various campaigns in repentance for historical wrongs to develop spiritual catharsis.

He has been featured in China's international and domestic newspaper and on television and Chinese media.In 2019, he founded Living Proof TV Corp. in Manila Philippines and has an international weekly show on TBN-Asia, Saturdays at 9:00 pm China Standard Time. Today he balances his ministries with raising his two sons. Sharing his life's experience, strengths, and hope, Bishop's vision remains to reach non evangelized people groups in Laos, Vietnam, Mongolia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and China.

To see some media coverage about Dr. Joseph R. Castillo, use Baidu search engine by copying and pasting “四百 乔义” into the search bar. To search ministry related news media, Google: “Joseph Castillo Beijing China” More video footage and photos can be found on www.facebook.com/BishopJosephCastillo and Instagram @BishopJosephCastillo and the YouTube on channel “LivingProofTV” as well as his weekly podcast "Living Proof with Bishop Joseph Castillo" on iTunes, Spotify, and many other podcasting platforms.

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