Loving God, Changing lives, Making disciples.

The Lord doesn’t call the qualified He qualifies the called. Who are the called? You and I! All believers from the rich to the poor, from the educated too the simple, from the influential to the meager are all called by the Lord Jesus to reach out to others. Jesus told us to “go” and He hasn’t said “stop” yet. That is what all of us at All Nations International Fellowship believe.

We are lead by Dr. Castillo in his mandate to reach the unreached. There are billions around the world who have never heard the the name of Jesus. We are in a prime position to reach those who don’t have the opportunity visit a church. Jesus didn’t come to build a church building. He didn’t come to set up an earthly kingdom. He came to charge, institute and raise up a dynamic group of people called “the church”. Its primary mission and mandate is to restore the hearts of the lost to the heart of the Father. Be a part of something bigger than yourself. Come on missions with us and or be a part of the harvest by sowing into the ministry.

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Loving God, Changing lives, Making disciples.